• Creating a New Food from Scratch

    Creating a New Food from Scratch

    Before Rob Rhinehart, CS 12, designed a completely new food source from scratch, he basically survived on two core food groups—red meat and pasta. “It wasn’t particularly healthy,” he says. “But I liked foods that packed calories, were easy to prepare and were affordable. Now I have a better version of that.”  That better version more

  • Flagging Down His Soccer Dreams

    Flagging Down His Soccer Dreams

    Corey Rockwell, IE 98, attended this summer’s World Cup as a spectator—and that suited him just fine. Though he would have loved to officiate games at soccer’s biggest event, after 10 years working for Major League Soccer in the United States, he thought going as a fan would be far less stressful. Then he got more

  • Designing Tiny Treatments <br />for Big Cancer

    Designing Tiny Treatments
    for Big Cancer

    Since his arrival on campus in 2004, molecular biologist and Tech Professor John McDonald has been hard at work developing new solutions and strategies for targeting and treating cancer. Some of his latest research concerns the use of nanoparticles to seek out and deliver treatments to ovarian cancer cells without damaging the body’s healthy cells. more

  • Launching Pad

    Launching Pad

    If you fractured your femur, a doctor would likely insert a rod into your bone shaft to hold the bone together and help it heal. It’s an effective solution, but the process of inserting the screws to hold the bone and rod together is difficult. And because radiation is involved, it’s also somewhat risky. Or, more

  • Living in Net Zero

    Living in Net Zero

    Take a walk around a home-improvement store, and you’ll see plenty of product tags advertising ways you can reduce spending on your utility bills—and your carbon footprint. But going green and saving a bit of money by using Energy Star appliances, smart thermostats or compact fluorescent light bulbs is just a drop in the proverbial more