• Swarms (of Robots) That Help Farms

    Swarms (of Robots) That Help Farms

    By now, autonomous robots were supposed to be part of our everyday lives, helping us perform a myriad of tasks at home, work and school, says Magnus Egerstedt, one of Georgia Tech’s top robotics experts and the Schlumberger Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “The truth is, we’re just not there yet,” more

  • A Passion for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    A Passion for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    Daniela Staiculescu and Octavian Stan have very diverse interests. They are engineers. They are urbanists. And they are really, really into coffee. So when they had the opportunity to buy the Condesa Coffee shop in Atlanta’s up and coming Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in 2011, they didn’t let the fact that they both had full-time more

  • Hunger Heroes

    Hunger Heroes

    There’s enough food in the world to feed everyone—all 7-plus billion of us. So why are so many people going hungry? “The core problem is food distribution, not supply,” says Ozlem Ergun, Georgia Tech professor of industrial and systems engineering. “It’s quite expensive and challenging to deliver food that is abundant in one region of more

  • Coca-Cola Freestyle’s Winning Formula

    Coca-Cola Freestyle’s Winning Formula

    Tech alumni play a major role in developing the technology and business strategy of Coca-Cola’s groundbreaking drink dispenser. If the curvy, racy red Coca-Cola Freestyle drink dispenser reminds you of a Ferrari, it’s with good reason. Their sleek-and-stylish exteriors are both designed by Pininfarina, the legendary Italian sports car design firm. However, it’s what lies under more

  • How to Make a Craft Beer

    How to Make a Craft Beer

    The official definition of a craft beer, according to the Brewers Association, is one that’s produced by a small, independent and traditional brewer. But to Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Company, craft beer means something much more—namely high-quality ingredients and processes that produce “layers of character and flavor” which come together in a beer that’s “greater more