151 NASA Jackets

Georgia Tech’s mark on the U.S. space program is indelible. From its first days, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has attracted Tech alumni like John Young and Richard Truly, who enjoyed truly stellar careers.

The following stories will highlight some of the challenges ahead for NASA and the roles being played by Tech graduates.

Tech President G. P. “Bud” Peterson explains how NASA is poised to reinvent itself and what kind of impact it will have upon scientific development and economic growth.

Jan Davis is retired from NASA, but as the first female Tech graduate to orbit the Earth, she has fascinating stories to tell of her three trips to space.

Amanda Mitskevich is the manager of the launch services program at Kennedy Space Center and oversees NASA’s domestic expendable launch services for robotic missions.

The Johnson Space Center is home to dozens of Yellow Jackets. Many credit their time at Tech for providing the solid foundation that has led them to successful careers at NASA.

While there isn’t enough space to pay tribute to every Georgia Tech student or alum with connections to NASA, we highlight 151 of them here.

Reinventing NASA

Our space program, once the envy of every nation on Earth, has been showing its age of late. Its ambitions, though laudable, are starting to appear a little outdated. Technologies that once dazzled the masses now seem almost everyday and routine. [Read More]

A ‘Really Cool’ Place to Work

Amanda Mitskevich could be a NASA cheerleader. Compact and energetic, she sprinkles her sentences about space missions with “pretty neat” and “really cool.” She even looks a bit like the female cheerleader in the 1990s Saturday Night Live sketches. [Read More]

Career Missions Accomplished

“I had always wanted to be a Navy pilot. I knew that one of the ways to become a Navy pilot was through the ROTC program,” said Alan Poindexter, AE 86, who worked as a part-time truck driver at DeKalb Peachtree Airport while attending Tech. [Read More]

Atmospheric All-Star

Jan Davis walks among us as a commoner, yet this woman is a member of one of the most elite leagues on the planet. Only about 500 human beings have flown in Earth’s orbit. Davis was the first female Tech grad to do so. And she’s done it three times. [Read More]

Seventy-eight Jackets at Johnson

Some 78 students and alumni work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. The Ramblin’ Wrecks who posed for a photo include four current students, three married couples and three astronauts. All of the Yellow Jackets in the photo are identified here. [Read More]

Twenty Jackets at Marshall

Alumni of the Institute working at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center near Huntsville, Ala., posed for a photo. All of the Yellow Jackets working at the center are identified here, including one person who referred to himself as “George P. Burdell.” [Read More]

Fifty Kennedy Space Center Workers

A group of Georgia Tech alumni working at the John F. Kennedy Space Center near Orlando posed for a photo and are identified here. [Read More]

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