Publisher’s Letter

How Tech Helps Make Sci-Fi Become Reality


To Infinity and Beyond: GT alumni and faculty are playing a big role in leading the next stage of space exploration.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Why we won’t have to bow down before our robot overlords (at least not yet).

Predicting Our Science-Fiction Future: Four Georgia Tech professors share bold views on what’s to come, plus a timeline of some of the greatest predictions made by sci-fi writers.

Around Campus

Talk of Tech – Reaching for the Stars: A tale of two telescopes—located thousands of miles apart—and the faculty member who helped bring them to Georgia Tech.

Talk of Tech – A Minor for Major Geeks: Student demand leads to a new specialized track of study.

Student News – Do Not Adjust That Dial: Sci-fi-themed radio show on WREK reaches fans across the globe.

10 Questions – Putting the Literary in Sci-Fi Literature: Professor and author Kathleen Ann Goonan shares her sci-fi secrets.

In the World

On the Field – Anchoring with Authenticity: ESPN’s Chris Cotter, Mgt 93, pushed—and was pushed—to claim one of sports broadcasting’s top jobs.

Dollars and Sense – Paul Raines, CEO of GameStop: The challenges and opportunities of marketing to gamers and sci-fi geeks

@ Issue – Star Wars vs. Star Trek: The ultimate showdown between two sci-fi titans is settled at Tech. (Or is it?)

Balancing Act: Seeing Red: Dan Carey, AP 85, remains in the running for a one-way ticket to Mars.

Alumni House

Mentor Jackets – Success Through Improv: How an alumni mentor helped push a student outside his comfort zone.

Wrecks at Work – The Pressure of Pitching Yourself: How to make a lasting good impression when you’re put on the spot.

Tech History

Artifact: Before the Hyperloop

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