Publisher’s Letter

Food (and Drink) for Thought


Taking on a Meaty Challenge: CEO Paul Brown, Mgt 89, beefs up the Arby’s brand

Inside the Arby’s Test Kitchen

Beer Craft: Fraternity brothers Jason Santamaria, Mgt 06, and Chris Doyle, Mgt 07, MBA 11, launch their own craft brewery in Atlanta

How to Make a Craft Beer: The art and science behind Second Self’s Thai Wheat

Always Open: How Waffle House keeps its restaurants running 24/7/365

Around Campus

Talk of Tech: A Fruitful Collaboration

Talk of Tech: Hunger Heroes

In the World

On the Job: An Engineer Returns to His Restaurant Roots

Dollars and Sense: Leslie Zinn, CEO of Arden’s Garden

Tech Hack: Coca-Cola Freestyle’s Winning Formula

Balancing Act: A Passion for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Alumni House

Sharing Tech’s Bounty: Klemis Kitchen lends a helping hand to students in need

Alumni Networks: Young and Restless