Football Practice Facility Set to Open

In years past, whenever inclement weather moved over Atlanta, the Georgia Tech football team was forced to vacate their on-campus practice field, board buses and ride over to the Georgia Dome.

Now, they simply have to take a few steps inside the John and Mary Brock Football Practice Facility, which is planned to be completed in time for the fall season. The building, which sits just to the north of the Russ Chandler Baseball Stadium, is almost the size of a football field and somewhat resembles an airplane hangar.

During a break in construction, football coach Paul Johnson surveyed the indoor practice field from an observation platform.

“We’re very appreciative to John Brock and his wife for providing the lead gift,” Johnson said. “We’re excited.”

The facility has a camera platform for the video team to record practice and hangar doors on the east side for easy access to the abutting outdoor practice field.

The indoor field has a layer of foam padding beneath the turf to soften the impact on falling bodies.

There are also energy efficient lights and an underground cistern that can collect enough rainwater to water three nearby sporting fields for two weeks.

Project manager Jason McFadden noted that one outdoor light standard had taken longer than expected to redo. Workers had discovered a nest with three red-tailed hawk eggs.

Once the birds hatched and flew away, construction resumed.

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