Publisher’s Letter: Magazine’s New Look Inspired by Tech Community

You’ve surely noticed that the Alumni Magazine that mailed to our alumni this week is quite different from the previous issue. We’ve revamped the whole look and feel of the publication.

These changes are the culmination of months of work by Editor Van Jensen, Vice President of Marketing and Communications Renee Queen and a great team of designers at Metaleap Creative, an award-winning Atlanta-based design firm. The principals of Metaleap are alumna Nikolle Reyes, MS Bio 99, and her husband, José Reyes. For a behind-the-scenes tour of the redesign, click here.

The foundation of this design is built on our understanding of you, our readers. It also comes from understanding the Institute. We’re blessed with a wealth of content in the amazing work done at Tech to educate the future leaders of this technological world.

I think Van summarized things well during our meetings about the redesign, when he laid out the nine goals of the magazine:

  1. Showcase the news and accomplishments of Georgia Tech’s faculty, researchers, students and staff.
  2. Focus on technological content to show how the Institute is becoming the technological leader of the 21st century.
  3. Cover the professional and personal accomplishments of alumni.
  4. Highlight business and career advice from alumni and Institute leaders.
  5. Cover a full range of Yellow Jackets sports.
  6. Inform readers about services and events offered by the Alumni Association.
  7. Tackle topical issues with technical, financial, political and scientific insights from faculty and alumni.
  8. Employ a writing voice that reflects the personality of Georgia Tech graduates—intelligent, technically minded, engaged in the issues of the world and with a wry sense of humor.
  9. Celebrate the Institute’s rich history.

The Alumni Magazine seeks to build pride for Georgia Tech among alumni and to strengthen the connection between them and the Institute. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Joseph P. Irwin, IM 80

President & CEO

Georgia Tech Alumni Association

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